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New Products

K.N.P heater and cooler equipments

Heater equipments of K.N.P…
Heater equipments of K.N.P are from the condensing types that is one of the most equipped heating products in the world with European design and ordered pieces. K.N.P by more than 100% of efficiency has ensured you by using modern technologies and pursuant to world's new standards.
Cooler equipments of K.N.P…
Cooler equipments of K.N.P will secure your cooling needs by using floor cooling system of the building.
These new equipments in addition of reducing energy consuming in the building have a high efficiency and its small dimensions needs less space.


Solar heating equipments

One of the big honors of industrial group of Khosro Nikoo Plast that is passing research and development steps in the capable hands of craftsmen of Azerbaijan. This industrial group produces these commodities by using creative and experienced engineering workforces and modern technologies of the world since the sun is one of the most important energy sources of the world; from every 2 billion units of its produced energy only 1 unit of energy is spent on global warming. But the issue of declining the existed natural sources of the earth and ending the life of most of these resources and the environment pollutions that are resulted by using this resources, creates serious dangers for human’s future generation, prompts us to offer a new solution to secure the heating needs of building and utilizing this huge energy source of the sun.
We provided a new solution economical saving in honorable Iran by relying on the science and knowledge and valuable human capital.

Solar collectors: 
These collectors are designing and producing according to the climate conditions of Iran
Also these collectors various dimensions and parts have the high efficiency.

Solar heat saving convertor:
In order to proper use of solar heating system we need a saving convertor along with solar panels, this saving convertor saves the sun’s energy in the hours that there is sunlight to make us enable to use the saves energy at nights.