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Ceramic and cement fittings

Ceramic and cement fittings of Khosroit

Ceramic and cement fittings of Khosroit... 
Khosroit Company is the establisher of producing types of ceramic and cement fittings in the country that its products ahs approved by national gas company of Iran. From its products we can point out to the types of H bonnets, mushroom bonnets, corner and simple, rectangular and socket bends. Khosroit Company is proud that designs and manufactures the required mold of the market by utilizing the most equipped and modern machines in molding unit.
It's worth saying that in Khosroit fittings by using the environment goer minerals which became prepared in temperature of 1200 centigrade degree that the design of these fittings is based on standards and factors of installation industries and has the high resistant and life against thermal shocks.
Also lightness, easy fitting to the pipe, fire proofing, easy transportation, no vulnerability and decay and reasonable price comprised with similar products, are from the unique advantages and specialties of these products.
In order to response about the way of cement fittings, industrial group of Khosro Nikoo Pelast has provided the possibility that technical engineering office of this group to do the needed consultations.

Specialties of cement and ceramic Khosroit fittings…
  • Simplicity and ease of connecting to the pipe
  • Possibility of easy changes and repairs because of the type of fitting construct
  • Long life and not getting damage and decay
  • Easy transport and light weight
  • Fire proof property
  • Reasonable price in comparison with similar products