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Pipes and channels of cement fibers

Pipes and channels of cement fibers of Khosroit

Pipes and channels of cement fibers of Khosroit...
It is an examined advice that permanent development and production leadership, national power, respecting work and faith capital is achieved by employment and production, and now that construction industry and in larger dimension urban planning is considered as the most prominent evaluating factor of civilization improvement, so paying attention to the construction buildings is always important and to know this affair prompt that Khosroit company by more than 25 manufacturing experience to be chosen as the top unit of the year and by producing various types of pipe, cement and ceramic connection channels and Ardovaz sheets in different sizes.
Khosroit Company relying of quality and mass production of its products which are using in construction, sewage and agricultural consumes, supplies its products by sale agencies across the country in order to secure the needs of consumption market.

Features of pipe and channels of cement fibers of Khosroit…
  • Fire proof property
  • High resistant and strength
  • Portability because of light weight
  • Long life and no vulnerability and decay