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P.V.C pipes

P.V.C pipes and fittings of Khosro Nikoo Plast

Khosro Nikoo Plast company is one of the most prominent and active producers of pipe and fittings of U.P.V.C in construction industries and transmitting systems of water and wastewater, has begun its work since 2004, with the aims of develop and improve of this industry, with experienced personnel and prominent experts and has manufactured its various productions networks and electricity and telecommunication networks and agriculture and drainage systems and side-walls of wells. The pips of this company are being supplied in two types of gluey U.P.V.C and push fit pipes, from the size of 20 millimeter to 250 millimeter, in different thicknesses depending on the customer's needs.
Khosro Nikoo Plast has established based on the principles of quality, innovation and customer respecting and takes steps toward achieving high developing and improving and employment aims.

Advantages and specialties of U.P.V.C pipes and fittings of Khosro Nikoo Plast…
  • More than 100 years life
  • Resistant against corrosive and materials, solvents, and chemical materials
  • Resistant against decay and rust
  • Speed and facility in installations and implementation and no need for complicated industrial tools
  • Environment goers
  • Permanent against bacteria growth
  • Resistant against impact and external pressure in comparison with the other polymer pipes
  • Fire proof and electric insulate
  • No need to paint and external cover
  • Resistant against light of U.V ray and climate factors
Pipes and fittings of Khosro Nikoo Plast have produced according to the national standard of Iran (9117-9118-9119) and is testing and controlling in the laboratory. It is notable that this experimental unit is considered as one of the most prominent and leading laboratories of the country that in addition of test and control of produced pipes and fittings, the ingredients of products are being studied under the observation of experts to measure the melting point, determining the solution, moisture amount, physical appearance and color and purity percent of materials.